9 months… we’ve been together for 9  months now as a newly wedding… (well, not very new now..)
Time really flew like a thunder.  very fast and beautiful! hahaha.. YAP, its been a beautiful 9 months.
There are times we were sharing our thoughts, our emotions and also yes.. our fight.
but at the end, those fight brought us closer than ever.  We still cuddle till morning in every fight, so why bother with the fight. hahaha..  ^_^

This month, is a holy month. Our first Ramadhan month.  Since last couple of months, we were having a critical financial crisis due to the unstable economy condition in Malaysia.  Its been a crazy months for both of us. This crisis made me thought about the unfortunate people outside.  Whenever i thought about them, i feel relieved and grateful.  My condition is nothing compared to them. Far too good actually.  I felt sorry for them.

In this Ramadhan, everything seems to went well again.  Maybe not 100% recover from the crisis and we still need to be more caution and remind ourselves to save the money for the future.  We also agreed to keep a fix saving account for emergency cases.  Maybe after October after Eidul Adha celebration which falls on September. This year, i do not have any new cloth or anything special, but… i guess thats ok. I dont need one, I still have new cloth to wear.  Lets just be modest this  year. He also helped in cleaning the house for this celebration.  Im truly satisfied and got nothing to wish for now.

Our first destination, will be my village and after that on the first eid day, we will be leaving for his hometown for 4 days.  This year, as a sign of my courtesy as a Daughter in Law (DIL), i willingly offered to celebrate the eid in his hometown first.  Its a must! I have been taught like that since i was a baby.  Thanks to my parents! Im having such a PURE heart am i? hahahaha..

My mission today, is to update my block (even i dont have anything to say) and complete the cleaning process (my part) and also buy something for the celebration. Happy ramadhan and Happy Eidul Fitr for those who celebrate it especially Malaysian! 😀