I say Heyo! you say HoyHoyHoy!

I do not know how to  express my feeling and how  thankful and happy i am now living side by side with a very loving husband and little naughty kitty! OH yes, i got a KITTY!

This kitty was not adopted by us willingly, but was given to us to be adopted!
Originally, this kitty was my mom’s kitty.  the kitty mummy named Aning, Aning had delivered 3 little sweet kittens at my mom’s house.  A yellow kitten we named him as Kuning (Yellow in Bahasa), another one is white with a black nose which we called her Uteh (White in Bahasa), well… we usually named our cats based on their hair color.  hahaha. But, one of the kitten have a mixed color (white, black and yellow) which we called her as Joker because his face was so funny and somehow ‘ugly’ in a very cute way just like JOKER character! cute character but evil. hahaha.

A month after, these kittens become slow and inactive.  My mom said they were sick and we dont know why.  We went to the VET and get some vitamins for them.  At the end, Kuning died and left Joker and Uteh behind.  That time, Joker is the only kitten that very active and strong.  My mom was very concern about Uteh and ask me to bring her back to my home in Kuala Lumpur.  She wanted me to take care of her before she died like Kuning.  So, i brought her to my KL house and rename her from Uteh to Bubu.. and the story of us the newly wed with a kitty begins. 😀

Me & my husband was so afraid that she might died in our house, so we took care of her and give her love as much as we can. We bought her toys, high quality food and other cat’s needs .. we brush her hair and play with her all the time.  Well, we basically spoiled her.  and yes, SHE’s SPOILED, REALLY spoiled…  ~.~”?

Thankfully, after 1 week she showed a very good progress and become more healthy.  She actively played and always shows her cuteness and charms. now, its been 3 months.. Shes grown up. She grew so fast i can say.  Based on the cat’s age schedule if shes a 3 months kitten, shes a 5 years old human.  In 3 years time, she will be older than me. =.=”?

Over time, I went to visit my mom’s house once in a while, and we brought Bubu along.  My mom always said bubu have become a KL’s cat.  Well, bubu actually an indoor cat.  So she rarely went out and play with dirts and grass like other cats such as Joker.   I also gave her a can wet foods and kibbles only coz its more convenience for us as we living in a 20 level building.  But, at my mom’s house, she gave rice to the cats.  Once bubu get that, she ate a lots! i mean..  A LOTS! i thought her tummy will explode anytime!. Thats why, my mom said, bubu is a KL cat.. she totally lost it there.  She looks very cute with her big tummy, it was funny.  But, somehow its bad for her health.

Well, meet bubu.. the naughty kitty.  She love to play hide & seek and a good football player too!
hahahaha.. 😀


mymes : most of the time, people ask me about baby.. and i show BUBU picture to them.  Haha.. 😛