The definition of Marriage of a 2 Months Wife..
Marriage is about one person fighting another like they were an eternity enemy and yet they still hugged and say good night to each other.
Marriage is about finding your partner in crime every morning once you opened your eyes, and your partner not there you just totally felt like HEART BROKEN and hate yourself for not waking up to hug them and saying “take care and i love you” before they went to work.
Marriage… is… when you live with a stranger, you hate all your new routines yet you still doing it without fail every day just because you want to spend more time with this stranger cuddling each other, eating oreo ice cream while watching “Tricked” by Ben on TV till you fall asleep.
Marriage is about loving the imperfection of your love perfectly.
Marriage is an extension of ‘its complicated’ relationship status.  It is beyond complicated but… at the end.. no matter how complicated this marriage is, you just know that you love this person and that person will love you like they always did since the day 1 you met each other.

with this 2 months wife definition.. I am grateful that i’ve married this man.
May this love remain unchanged as it is now and keep on blooming till Jannah.
Because being with him, doing nothing is all that i need in my life.  A safe and calm place. ^_^

Dear husband, Tea Mo.

Yana & Wahid Solemnization :-

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Yana & Wahid Reception @ Teluk Panglima Garang

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Wahid & Yana Reception @ Malacca

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