“hAHaHa, its DIFFERENT! MAJOR DIFFERENT!!!” and they continuuuues laughing… (ohmy, theres no ending of this)

This really happened not only here.. All married couple face this kind of problems. Its like a problem without solution! What makes me feel weird is, if we looked back to our ancestors, grandparents, many of them were married ONCE only, which is with each other. HOW amazing is that? 

In today’s world… 

Many says, life AFTER married is totally different from BEFORE married.  Some of them said, their wonderful and amazing life BEFORE married, turn out to be a not so wonderful and less amazing AFTER their married.  Certain of these some people even regretted their decision and miss being a single lady.  

According to them (to burn the HOT conversation).. They also said.. Life BEFORE married more like a FANTASY in our dream.  Very tempting, seducing and full of loves and laughs until the time you ACTUALLY marry the guy! Starting from that moment, you’ll understand what is the true meaning of marriage and its called REALITY! 

I was smiling and laugh my heart out listening to their stories.   Everyone have different stories, but at the end they agreed and make the conclusion that “YES, ITS A TOTAL DIFFERENT THINGS”.  In order to prepare myself for my REALITY, i’ve got many advices, good informations and also worst situations from them too.  Suddenly I realized, OHMYKitty!, all these stories that I heard, is not just a stories.  I need to be careful and take a precaution step to prevent this from happening in my story!.  I stopped laughing and listened carefully to every said words.  I was planning. I was thinking and finding the solution.  


1. We says ‘I LOVE U’ like a 1000000 times to our partners
2. We held their hand like we never wanna let it go, ever! (even if they need to go to the toilet)
3. We do surprises and give gifts 
4. We say ITS OK, and smile when they makes mistakes (even if you feels like dying)
5. We do love shot in the public!
6. We want them to follow and join all activities with families, friends and colleagues 
7. We bring them to watch movies and share a SMALL popcorn
8. We exchange our selfie with each other
9. We updates our activities all the time
10. We Will never let them walk alone! 

– nothing from the above –

It shouldn’t be like this! In my definition.. Marriage is not about having each other only, its about sharing responsibilities and problems together. Well, It would be nice for having a brainstorming partner for the rest of our life isnt?.  Do not try to solve everything by your own, at the end you will feel lonely, like you were the only one who give it all into that marriage.  From there, every negative things will occurs and all those nonsense issues will be brought up and etc etc.  SO DONT! DONT Start it.  You should know which one is your JOB SCOPE as husband, and which is for WIFE.  Do not interfere with each other job scope, you dont have to control everything.  You dont have to be an angle trying to solve everything.  YOU actually limit and underestimate your partner sense of responsibility.  There will be NO BOSS in the house, only a GUIDELINES.  Once you understand and practice using the guidelines properly, we will minimize the issues and hopefully can live happily together.  

Still.. yes it is true that theres many things need to be changed when you live with a stranger, you need to learn to adapt and accept it. YOU should aware of this changes once you replied “I DO”. SO, whats the issues? I didnt know how my story will end, but i hope it will end with happiness just like how its all started. 🙂

Anyhow, SMILE and LIVE your life to the fullest! Wehe!!

Mymesj : love to plan my life, bit by bit. Should i list all the possible future issues with the solutions too? Maybe, i should. hahaha..