Klepak, Klepak, Keboom, Keboom!

thats how ‘Kompang Sounds’ 🙂


‘Kompang’ known as Rebana, is a traditional music instruments used in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and also Singapore.  Smaller rebana also known asKompang is widely use by Malay people when celebrating the bride and groom in a wedding ceremony.  Nowadays, many people play the Kompang sounds using the CD or Audio player.  But, personally… I prefer to hire a Kompang Team to play the Kompang in my wedding. It will definitely be more merrier and feels more like a wedding.  The main point of Kompang Team is, to announce the people that the bride and groom is approaching the place.  So that all guest will start gathering to take a picture and share the happiness of the brides.  Indirectly, the bride and groom will feel more welcome and celebrated by the people in the ceremony.  This feeling is a nice feeling. I would love to have this feeling in my wedding one day. 🙂

Last weekend i went to my cousin’s wedding ceremony, i learnt lots of things in this process.  Overall, its OK. But, i can conclude that wedding ceremony is not a simple ceremony as what i thought it is before.  It need details and a plan to smooth the process.  Every little details, need to be taken into a consideration.  Every minute used in the ceremony, will be counted by the guests.  I want to provide the very best and comfortable feeling to my guest. With this, they will keep on praying for my happiness as i make them happy too! 😉

However, we do enjoy the moments and the ceremony so much.  We do not took many picture of the brides, but.. i guess we took a lot of our own pictures instead.  🙂



Mymesj : Marriage will never be easy, i pray that thi marriage stays forever! 🙂