New Kitty in the HOUz! 

Wehe…. last month, my beloved kitty named tacik died.  She got sick several days before, but after a while getting better. She can play and start eating again. So, i guess… Shes fine! but later that night… she suddenly breath heavily. We plan to bring her to the vet tomorrow, but unfortunately forgot about the plan and went shopping instead (i still regret it till now). Later the next day, on my way to the vet.. she died… the sadness felt, will never be forgotten for the rest of my life.

But, today.. 4 of her siblings, running and playing at my back house area.  At first, because of the heart broken.  I refused to play and feel any love with the kitties.  For me, there is no point on loving things that will die.  It will only bring tears and sadness.  But, after a while.. This feeling cannot be help, seeing these little kitty… makes me fall in love again with them.  and today, my sister brought the yellow kitty which i gave her name CONAN to our room.  He looks just like Tacik.. OH, tacik.. is this you? i wanna believe that it is you.  But… how come you become a MALE cat now? hehehe.. So, tacik.. you will always live in my heart.  But not in my eyes.  CONAN will be loved on behalf of you. Because he looks JUST LIKE YOU my dear tacik. 🙂

RIP Tacik, I will always love you tacik! A.L.W.A.Y.S!



mymesj : its hard to hate a cat! i just wanna love this little furry creature so much 🙂