With this, i officially declare that i have gained 5KG in 2 weeks! Yeeeha…… IM FAT and I KNOW IT!

I’ve been eating like HELL since i’ve finished my studies.  The reason of WHY im getting fatter, fatter and fatter…

1) Im Unemployed and I Eat when im bored.


2) My mom suddenly transform to a Super Chef! She cooked so deliciously everyday, that i cannot resist to eat and eat and eat. hehe~
3) I have a ‘EATING PARTNER’.  This is the best part when you have a sister. You can eat together forever on your bed while watching Korean Dramas! 🙂

4) I dated every weekend! Hehehe.. As for this one, i will leave without comments~ yuweee~ 🙂


so this is it! top 4 of WHY im getting fat! after 3 months with a strict diet…
all the uninstalled fat has been restored in no time righttttt after i went back to my mom’s house!
Yait… Family house is the best when it comes to gaining weight.. we~~ Congratulation fats! You won. 😦

mymesj : im doom…. anyone please get me outta here! 🙂