A B2B trip-day at the Universal Studios Singapore was a day of thrill and full of fun.  As our first, only and last trip together… This trip reminds me of our first trip to Cameron Highland.   It was an unplanned trip, but it will always be my precious trip forever.  After this, both of us will follow a different path, different world, different level of life.  I really hope that both of us will do well in our life.  Aja Aja Fighting! 🙂

Anyhow, as we has successfully completed our last trip last Saturday (25.1.14), i wanted to share a little bit of our moments with all of you.  Just in case, if you wanted to visit Malaysia or Singapore for a short trip. If you are Malaysian, and wanted to go abroad for the first time or visit Singapore for the first time, this might help you guys to plan (i hope).

The tentative is very simple.

24th January 2014
8.30pm : Travel to Johor Bharu.
– We purposely travel a day before because the USS package that we took require us to gather as early as 7.30am for the trip.

25th January 2014
7.00 am : Gather at the Odyssey Office to fill up the White Pass Form (You need to submit this to the immigration later)
7.30am : Depart from Tune Hotel, Danga Bay by Bus to Sentosa Island (USS)
– There will be 2 immigration stops which is Malaysia Immigration and Singapore Immigration.

First they will brief a bit about the trip and what you should do.
First stop is the Malaysia Immigration (you need to register your e-passport using the machine, just put your passport in the holder and verify thumbprint – same steps when you return from Singapore)
Second stop is the Singapore Immigration (You need to queue up to get the permission from the immigration *prepare your passport + White Pass Form.  You need to make sure that item that you brought with you is classify in the Nothing to Declare or Item to Declare) P.S : You can only bring 8 cigarettes in a box.

After two stops, you are now ready to enter the USS. Just give them the Ticket and you can enjoy your day in USS.
In USS, do not miss any game there. Especially the Transformers Simulator, The Mummy (If you have gut) and also Roller Coaster! (it was closed during our visit..) huhu.. What a waste for my friend. hehehe.. 😀

7.15pm : Depart from Singapore to Johor Bahru.
– Make sure you gather at the same stop when you arrived at least 15minutes before 7.30pm (departure time).
You will again repeat the same step with the immigration in reverse order.

So, that is the Tentative Summary for our short trip. Our trip cost RM400/Head (Hotel, Ticket, Fuel, Meals).  Make sure you change your money in advance.  However, there is a Money Changer inside the USS *the amount will be varied.  Do not forget to get the USS Map, inside the map there is a list of Event and Parade, Money Changer, and list of Restaurant (non/Halal) for reference.  If you plan to have a Briyani or rice set lunch, make sure to ask them if the set includes drink or not. hehehe.. But it is better if you change your money a bit extra for preparation 🙂

OK, Some snap shoot to share, enjoy. 🙂