Yipp, Yipp Hooray!
My report hardbounded, work confirmed, trip planned.  All set & ready to rock. 

My semester just ended yesterday.  Eventhough i haven’t submit my report yet, but it has been hardbounded and my friend will submit the report on behalf of me.  yait! Tomorrow’s plan is, going to dentist in the morning and shopping for office wear sponsored by my beloved Abah (Dad) with my sister in the evening!  My Abah was so excited knowing that i got a job, so he sponsored me hehe.  He even called me to give direction to my workplace.  I felt happy in instant listening to his nagging and concern opinion for me.  Theres so many careful word used during our conversation, which end up that i only remember to be ‘careful’ in everything that i do.  Hehe… Sorry Abah, theres so many advises in one shot.  I cannot cope due to overwhelmed happiness.  Ahaks!

Everything looks perfect up to today, my big day preparation, my job, my trip, my saving and my future plan were running on the right track.  The only thing that ruined my year was my presentation.  Personally, i still think that the examiner should have not done that to us.  He cannot blame and keep on shooting us with a killing questions and object everything that we have explained like that.  That kind of negative attitude is not fit for a lecturer, honestly.. i lost my respect!.  We as a student really need a positive feedback and encouragement from them!  They really should appreciated our effort or at least acknowledge our research!  hm… biggest frustration for this year. 😦

However, as one of my resolution in this year is to SMILE and LAUGH more than last year.  I have decided to archive all those frustration deeply in the lowest archive of my heart.  Wehe… This Friday, focus on Singapore! Wee… Crazily excited now. After USS, time to work.  Wish me luck all! ^_^

Mymes: Im about to enter several new world this year.  I hope people in that world will reach my hand and warm my heart with smiles and laugh.   ❤ ❤