What a tiring holiday…
I never had a tiring Christmas before this.  This is my first time ever. HuhuKS!
Usually i just watched cartoons and beautiful fantasy snowy story about Christmas on my TV. But this year.. I’m stuck with dirt and spider web.  Since morning, i forced my self out to move around the house and do a house cleaning.  This major house cleaning are needed due to the tomorrow event~ Yaiit… ^_^

Im extremely exhausted and full of dirt from the outside, but from the inside… There is a sunflower blooming.
Shining my heart while the birds singing a holahoop soong.  I was floating while cleaning! 🙂
But, once in a while.. i was disturbed by the sound of squeak,  scratching and scrabbling that comes from my kitchen.
OMG, there’s a shrew running around my house! My mama cat and her kitty were running like crazy in the kitchen area.  I wonder if they will catch the shrew and save my day!  Once, i heard a female cat is a mouse/shrew hunter compared to the male cat.  So, I waited.  But.. based on the analysis made after a while.. there is no sign of struggling or something been murdered in my kitchen.  So, i guess.. There it is.. The shrew won! 😦

This isnt the Christmas that i fantasized about.. sobsob!

Day after tomorrow is my e-Day, and i don’t want the shrew screwing my day.  Anyone help! #sigh.