As im finishing my research, i managed to applied a position in variety of companies that i found in the  Jobstreet is definitely a great medium to find a job online.  So far, i received 2 interview calls and 2 job offers.  Unfortunately, i have to turn down the offers as the salary offered is way below my expectation.  You wont believe me when i said, i got (-) negative salary on my account if i accept the offer.  So, i turn it down.  The other 2 companies, give me quite a good offer.  I’ve been to the first interview session at the first company.  It was… short. I can say. But they short listed me for the second interview soon.  However, my first interview was not very convincing for me.  So, i google some tips.. and i compile the tips into my own guidelines.


1. Get into an interview

It is not easy to get yourself into an interview.  You need to put all effort into your resume so that it will ‘shoot’ their attention.  It must be simple, concise, start from the best point and put only the main key that will attract the interviewer.  Make sure to not OVER use your word or add any unnecessary information.

2. Plan The Interview in Advanced

Once you got the interview, the first thing you will do is GOOGLE the company.  Visit and read their website. Understand their business and try to know the position that you applied in details.  If possible, read everything in the website, be the WEBSITE!

3.  Practice a Role Play! Rehearse with your TWIN! 

After become a WEBSITE, you need to practice and rehearse the interview session with your twin!  Use your mirror as the interviewer and ask yourself a questions! Tons of it. You should know what type of question they will ask you, it can be open or close question.   They either can use a set of questions or a very general question such as “tell me about yourself” or maybe they will give a situation for you to understand and give solution.  So, learn all interview method and prepare yourself!

4.  1st Impression is VITAL!

Theres a reason why 1st impression is 1st and not second or third! You will never get a second time to impress the interviewer as the first time.  So, you need to learn how to talk with courtesy, be aware of your body language, dress appropriately, walk confidently and spread the natural aura to your surrounding.  Just remember to smile and be punctual to give a positive impression to the interviewer.

5. Communicate internally and externally

When it is said to communicate internally and externally it refers to the inner sense or attitude and also the external reaction such as Eyes contact and Gesture.  You dont have to be fashionable to tackle the attention, but you need to be smart to be attractive!  Do not avoid informal conversation and certainly do not avoid eyes contact!

6. Encourage conversation and adapt ASAP!

Once you enter the interview hall, try to feel the environment and start an informal conversation with the interviewer. You can try to ‘steal’ some time during the conversation to adapt and calm yourself.

7.  Shot for the tough questions

During the interview session, there’s some key word for you to pick and know your hint! Try to find the key point of the interview and shot your best answer for the questions! This key point usually relates with the job position that you applied.  If the job required high skills of problem solving, you need to understand and know what kind of answer or question that expected to be asked.

8. Dont be shy to ask them a questions

If they ask you to ask questions, take the opportunity to give several questions to understand the company more.  This questions should be moderate and make sure that it is not require them to reveal any confidential information  or.. they will think you are rude and lack of sensitivity!

9.  Be Yourself, Be Honest and DONT GIVE UP!

You, yourself is the foundation of success. So, try to be yourself, answer with sincerity and be honest with your answer. Do not try to trick the interviewer or give additional false information to sell yourself. Self promotion is encourageable but, do not over sale. People will doubt! Sell yourself cleanly, keep on selling and do not stop until the end of the session, just KEEP ON SELLING!  🙂

10. Follow Up 

Some of people prefer to wait for the invitation and calls from the organization, but sometimes it is better for you to call them and follow up your status.  With this, they will notice you and alert with your status.

11. IF rejected, find out WHY and learn.

It is normal to be rejected in an interview, but do not simply ignore and forget about the rejection due to frustration.  Find out why, why you got rejected so that later, you can learn how to improve yourself. 🙂

Last but not least, Accepted or Rejected.. Try to find a Thank You notes and send it to them, just to show them your courtesy and make them remember you.

so, ALL the best! ^_^

mymesj : heres some sample questions for reference.