Ouch, yes.. its our last monthsary for this year!
He said that.  He actually remember and count.
Every month, at this very particular day.. it become a piece of thought of us every month
A repeated date, in a different month
A day where we both, think about our first meeting
A day where he finally have a courage to officially ask me to be his girl
and a day where i made up my mind and accept him as my boy ^_^

Yes, its our monthsary.. And today.. is our last monthsary for this year.
It happens in a blink of eyes, it was January.. and now its December..
I feel dusty on December, but i will again feel like a brand new person on January.
The cycle is amazing, how a minute can makes me feel so old and another minute makes me feel young over and over again in every single year!. 🙂

So our last monthsary for this year means this is the Christmas Month! the fantasy month.. hm.~
Im trying to recall back my old wish for this year, and a year before.. it seems.. like i dont have any~
I think it must be because, i have the same wish since….. 3 years ago.. However, i have successfully achieved several of my target.  So, even i dont have any specific list.. over the time, i managed to improve myself and achieved whatever i want to achieved.  I feel proud to myself! i shall reward myself after this.. wahaha.. This is the best part isnt? But i need to get a job first and make money for that purpose.  Till that time..   December… Please stay here for a bit longer. Let January awaits us. 😛

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