See the TITLE? its B2BC’s Trip guys!! 

As i have too many big events on December, it turns out that one of the big event lead to something else.  and yes, im LOVING it, He loving it and WE ALL LOVING IT (maybe not all), but WE STILL LOVING IT!  the idea was sudden and the planning was in a blink.  but we all again, agreed that this time its gonna be a good IDEA ever!  Yes, it will.  So,  to start the plan, first we need a destination! so, we gonna need….


Yes kitty, thank you.  U have such a tiny little genius brain ekeke.. We need a map to find the destination, it should be far, but not too far. Near, but not too near. So, We are in Kuala Lumpur… The nearest state should be Melaka, Negeri Sembilan, Selangor? (naa…) Perak, Pahang? or maybe.. johor? .. We have listed all the possible attraction in our head and comes out with the same destination. ITS TIME FOR the ISLAND COUNTRY!!! weeeeeeehaa… or known as Pulau Ujong (Last island)!! OHYES, we should go there and visit the Universal Studio Singapore! wee…  So, kitty.. show me where is Singapore on the globe plis.. We need to measure the distance for costing.  So, ..Kitty?


Erk…. Ok, i think kitty got confuse… REALLY confuse.. never mind kitty, you can take a rest now. its NAPPY time. ^_^.  So, lets continue, Singapore located near to Johor.  From KL to Johor, it took about 4 hours driving (326km) only.  So basically, the tentative… should be like this..


Just nice, a Bride to Be Couple’s Trip should be simple and Sweet right.  We wanted to spend a quality time together as B2B, i think.. this gonna be our only and last trip together as a couple.  I hope, everything run smoothly as planned. 🙂 I have booked the hotel, my friend will be in charged of USS ticket and immigration pass to enter Singapore.  Total cost per head around MYR300. Excluding Meals and shopping expenses.  SO, whats next?



mymesj : I kinda love a short trip nowadays, maybe because time and money envy our freedom too much. Huhuks.