tick Tick tick and Tick.. 

Rasa macam baru semalam bulan January, now its November.. Next month is December.
Many events about to be happened in December! some excites me, and another dont.  However, the most obvious event on December is that MY student life will be over.. Sigh.. Im gonna miss my morning day, im gonna miss my PTPTN (loan credited) day and im gonna miss my sleeping time.  Yes, thats right! I sleep a lots!…~ sigh

Well, its a life theory that in every ending, has a new beginning. As my STUDENT life waving its hand to me, my PROFESSIONAL life trying to reach me (sortof)…. YES, thats right… Im currently searching for a job.  A bit nervous, a bit insecure and a bit dissapointed too.  Nervous to enter new place and know new people, insecure if those people will be another JERK and BITCH in my storyline and a dissapointed when my expectation failed to meet the target.  In my life phase, i always have my own stage of target.  I usually starts with A, B, D, F, K, and Z… the efficiency and improvement speed are different in every stages.  The most difficult stage is A and B, before i go to D and achieve my target.  Now, my mind is struggling and my body is under preparation.  Im about to start my new Work life.. May it be easy, as easy as Candy.  Pray for me!

Actually to be frank, all these years, i tot i have completed my  life-story timeline.  Yes, i do.  But, i never know that the storyline book has the second volume.  With this last event.. on this December in this 2013 year… im gonna closed the old book and open the new one.  So far, Im very satisfied with the cover of the new book, my first page only have several similar shape so far.  Hopefully, i can fill the shape with colors afterwards.. It will takes time, but im sure it all will be worth it.  Coz i have Faith and I have him.


mymesj : Love my dynamic life! ^_^