This is BABANG, a new ‘grandpa’ cat found by my brother.
He begged me to keep the cat because this cat’s ear fold. erk..
in another word he wanted  to say that this is the scottish fold cat. BUT, is it?
IF anyone can tell if babang is a scottish fold cat, do let me know.
It looks alike, but i cannot tell for certain.  IF yes, it must be someone missing cat.  UhuKS.
Whatever it is, my brother seems to love him so much.  Well, he always love a male cat actually.
Our previous ‘Abang’ died about a year ago.
But this time, he intend to be the breeder.  It would be FUN i think. HuHU~

-Having Scottish fold as pet, i dont know if i can sell it to anyone! They just tooooo cuteeee!  🙂