Its been  a while since my last update.  I’ve been busy with my current ‘job’ and don’t have time to write an entry.  Luckily its weekend and i have almost all my time for a DATE!  Weeeeeeee… Theres nothing much actually, we went to a wedding ceremony, im watching movie, he watching me, and finally decided to go to the city of light, Shah Alam.   Ahaks!


Tadaaa.. we are here! I can still remember the first time i went there.  It just opened and crowded with people.  I need to wait about half an hour to find a parking! But, last night.. The same place, with a lot of added attraction.. seems…. ’empty’.  Maybe, Its because of the expensive entrance parking price and other games prices i guess.  The trees arrangement also has been divided into several areas.  So, basically this place is not as beautiful as before.  After 10 minutes.. Suddenly everybody running leaving the area.  OPS!! its raining! and its heavy.. and THERE IS NO covered WALKING PATH there at all. We gave priority for those with babies, and children.  While me and my boyfie, run to the nearest shop and finally bought an UMBRELLA.  (Just perfect! I need the umbrella soon too).  So, here we are.. standing in the middle of rain, surrounded with lights.  The area is wide, and its really empty without people now.  He took advantage from the rain, and played with his camera.  Click, Click and Click.


View during the rain… 🙂


The after rain.. 🙂

Thats about it. The City of Light known as iCITY, located in Shah Alam, Selangor.  If you wish to visit Selangor or Kuala Lumpur. Dont miss the chance to visit iCITY! Its a MUST.  for more, click here.

Njoy my date with him so much. Raining? Its just a water… Ahaks! Bye for now.