Broga – Take My Breath away!

I went to Broga last term with my buddies, we were so excited to go there and woke up as early as 3am in the morning! Broga Hill located in Semenyih, at 400 meters high and 40 minutes away from Kuala Lumpur on the trunk road to Broga. It can be reached a short distance later after University of Nottingham, where the entrance starts at left from an oil palm estate opposite a rabbit park. Famed for its incredibly panoramic views (especially at dawn) along with easy accessibility on foot, the hill not only popular as tourist attraction but also among local people.  Those who love to hike, camp and seek to find a great sunrise scenery wont miss the chance to climb the hill to shoot.  Me and my friends went there to accomplish our mission list.  It will be the last destination for us to travel before we graduate.

It took an hour and half to reach Broga.  We use a map application for direction, you will need the map because it kind a difficult to travel there without the map as it dont have many signboard for direction.   It is best if you can find the rabbit park first, the Hill’s entrance right opposite the park.  The entrance basically is a large palm oil estate, but you can park your car there, dont worry.  before that, just REMEMBER! BRING YOUR TORCH LIGHT.  It was a dark hill and you definitely need a torch light to climb!.  You can buy the torchlight at the shop or you can easily download the torchlight application on your phone.  But its advisable for you to buy the cap clip-on torchlight so that you can use both of your hand to hold the rope or tree and climb.  Out of 5, only two of us finally make it to the top.  Actually my other friend wanted to follow,  i just want to observe the hill from far without any intention to leave them behind.  What i didnt know is, when you start climbing, there is no turning back.  Many people behind you will push you to go further and unfortunately there is no UTURN sign for us to make a uturn.  I was hoping they were following, and forgot about my stupidity to not calling them immediately when i got chance to catch my breath in the middle of the crowd.  Feel sorry to them till now, but i guess, because of the KARMA, the sun that morning wasn’t soo nice.  A bit dissapointed, but.. happy because our last mission has accomplished! 🙂

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mymesj : sweating feels awesome!