Did you know, that a Doctor Coding is exist?

This is actually my first entry related to IT.  Dr. Coding refers to the people who have skills and expert in coding and languages.  This time, im actually reviewing my friend’s site.  Have you ever heard about liferay? I dont really know about liferay, but as the simple word that i can understand is liferay is an open source tools that used by the web developer to design n manage a portal sort of joomla if im not mistaken. but more advance.   By using liferay, it can help the developer to manage all the coding (mostly using java or mysql and other languages) better.  Here in Malaysia, we often deal with the slow website and unorganized structure website which is not user friendly at all, but using liferay it helps developer to control and design the site properly and make it convenience for the user.  Nowadays, most of the site controlled under the organization called SKALI group, under the SKALI group there is a department called SKALI e-Business Solution (SEBS) where all the developers use liferay to create the portal and maintained by the website maintenance who expert and have high skills in the field.  Usually.. in many cases the person who maintain the site have more experience and skills compare to the developer themselves.  The developer only develop the site, but the errors and issues solved by the maintenance people.  Believe me when i say that sometimes, the developer don’t even know how to solve the problem from the portal.  I wonder, why the developer always get the recognition and acknowledgement from the people and not the maintenance people. huhu~ weird but its a fact.  But in SKALI, the developer and the maintenance are formed in a team.  They develop and maintain the site.  So, both developer and maintenance or a support staff have similar level of skills.

If you are a developer, and interested to know more about liferay.. or maybe share your experience in the area.  you may visit http://awannebula.com/ .  knowledge sharing is encourageable there.  I wish i could have more knowledge in the field, but without a basic… its kinda hard you know.  Even with the YOUTUBE, and Mr. Google help, you still need to have at least a basic of it.  Even so, i still wanna make this review because i know that many people out there have no idea about what we call as LIFERAY.

mymesj:   Knowledge need to be gained and shared, not gained to be kept.