Its been a while since my last update about my little cute love Mocha & Mochi. 🙂
During my semester break, i spent almost all my time at my friend’s house with them.
I can still remember the time that i took them from my workplace and cruelly separate them with their mother.   HuHu~
but i just can’t help to adopt them back then.  They were just soooooo cute!  PLUS, two months later the mommy meow pregnant again.
so, shes totally forgot about her kitty that i stole. ekekee.. 😀

so here are they, Big and Shining!
meet my mocha. 🙂

Hehe.. He just a domestic Asia cat, small size and short hair compared to another breed.
but it is different with Mochi, they actually sibling.  Im not sure why Mochi have a longer hair and short leg.  maybe the father has it, coz it definitely not inherited from the mother.  ahaks!  So, meet my Mochi. 🙂

mymesj : did you know that cat do not meow at another cat. They actually meow their mothers and their human care-givers. 🙂