Do u still remember that i made a disaster checklist entry before this?  Well, im glad to say that the trip was not disaster as the checklist.  Horey!! I guess, a checklist is just a checklist then.  It doesnt mean anything coz, during the trip.. everything wont follow the plan as in the checklist… HuHu~ 

Unlike the previous trip, this trip is more… like a family trip.. ( it is a family trip ) ~
Actually, we went to the Oriental Village (Langkawi’s Cable Car/SkyCab), Mahsuri Tomb, Eagle Square, Yacht Jetty, and also the Langkawi’s Legend park only.  Most of the time, we spent doing some window shopping and snapping.  hehehe.. 🙂
From what i can see, if we travel during the public holiday… the place is too crowded with people but empty with workers.   huhu. We went to Mahsuri Tomb with the entrance fee of RM7.00 (its cheap).  But, theres nothing we can visit because all the houses inside the Mahsuri’s area was closed due to the Hari Raya.  All the Uncle n AUntie take a week off for hari raya i think. huhu~~ So, if you want to see all the history part of langkawi, do not come during public holiday especially HARI RAYA.. huhu~~

The summary of our tentative :-

8th Aug
@5pm : take a cab to KL central and bus to LCCT (airport) *flight delayed from 9 – 1030.. (Lame…)
@12am : Arrived at Langkawi Airport & take a rent car (actually, the person left the car nearby..unlock..Luckily its the island, if KL… haha)
@12.30am : Check in and sleep…

9th Aug
@9am : went to cable car & snap at the yacht jetty
@3pm : went to Mahsuri’s Tomb
@4pm : went to Eagle Square & Langkawi’s Legend park
@6pm : dinner at Thai Seafood..(chicken thai is superb!)
@7pm : went shopping at the Kuah town (bought a lots of choc!)
@9pm : back to hotel & rest

10th Aug
*its raining on both day (9th & 10th), so no sunrise seeing.. huhu~
@830am : Me & my sister went ‘jogging’ or take a walk from our hotel to Eagle square and Langkawi’s Legend Park.
it takes only about.. 20 – 30 minutes walking distance.  We wanna go to the Beringin Beach, but.. as the road looks a bit scary we decided to expore the Legend park again. (we explored only 10% of the park) hehehe.. During the exploration, we stuck in the rain.. =,= so… we waited till 10am before the rain stop… haiz…
@12pm : checkout and heading to the Jetty Point for Ferry ticket. *u need to come early to buy the ticket, gosh.. its FULL and we are lucky to get the 2pm ticket ~ still.. they delay the ferry about 40minutes.. haigo..

thats about it! The snap shot as below..
Overall review, langkawi.. is a nice place.. if NOT public holiday and should have more environment free zone.. free from dirt. huhu~

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