Fire Art Photography


Capturing moments is always be one of my favorite part in life. unlike the professional photographer, I do not have a specific knowledge about the photography .  But i tot that WTheck, people do not need a professional certificates or an expensive DSLR camera to capture the moment.  All they need is, the moment.  BASICALLY, a good photographer is someone who has the ability to act as the lense themselves and find the moment.  I didnt say that the equipment is useless, it is important too as an additional advantages for them to boost their skills and be more creative.  But, it all started with the self foundation.  So, what is self foundation? Well, its the basic nature of a person. some people got the natural talent to generate idea and create the moment, but others… they become the moment themselves.  Its in their bones.  This is what we call, the self foundation.  Like a leader, they were born with the gift.  I can still remember one of my friend status..She said something like this~

People who claim to be professional, but not..
they sells their skills like professional
People who is professional, and they are.. 
they sells their skills like a professional (of course)
People who are not yet professional, and they definitely not..
they sells their skills like the unprofessional 

“Dung!” Its a kill buzz for photographer, but the fact is.. they need to know the truth.  What level of their skills really are, so that they can improve and fix their own moment before capturing other people moments.  How can a person that lack in moment, find and create another moment.  Ironic isnt? Ok, im not trying to be sarcastic here.  The main point is, without that simple sense inside a person heart, the art itself will failed!  It can be beautiful with all the effect whatnote, but it cannot steal people heart.  They said, a picture can hold a thousand story, but when the picture is failed to give that feeling to another people, it becomes an empty shell and does not have any meaning anymore.  If this happen… so, why bother to have a picture?  Sounds hurt isnt? but… the truth will always be a bittersweet word for us to accept.  Rather than deny it, just take it, fix it and be better!  As for me, i dont know if i got any of both talent yet, but im totally fall in love with the photography technique!  Over time, i might develop my own skills, who knows.  Yesterday, because of the Hari Raya fever now, we bought a ‘mercun lidi’ to play with.  I suddenly remember that once upon a time, i saw a fire art photoraphy on the net.  It was sooooo unique and beautiful, since then i really wanna try shooting that one moment of my own.  So, we took the advantages of hari raya and played with the fire.  My Mr. Heart have a bit of knowledge about the photography and kind of familiar with the setting, he ask me to use the firework setting.  First several trial, was a total failure.  but at the very end i managed to capture the fire myself! yait.. it is far from perfect, not even an average level of professional as it failed to snap the picture sharply and beautifully, but we had so much fun looking at each other faces, and laugh to the end thinking how hard to ‘Write’ a word in the wind.  Seriously, it wasnt that easy!  

For those who use a DSLR, you can play with the shutter speed.  It is not hard to capture fire if you were using the right setting.  my friend told me that to capture the moving object such as fire, play with the shutter speed, it can be fast and slow.  Fast shutter speed usually will produce sharp and great fire flames details.  On the other hand, slow shutter speed will make the flame soft and more natural.  But, still it might produce different result in different time, depends on the situation, temperature and fire flames.  So, DSLR user should know how to use several trick and technique for various setting to get the desire result.  One thing that im sure of is YOU DONT NEED YOUR FLASH for extra lighting! Weheee! 🙂

mymesj : Do not afraid to be failed, because failure lead to success. 🙂