Yap! u read it right.. Our love story is far away from beautiful as the magical Snow White or Cinderella.  Our Love is Shrek alike, ‘Fugly’ and ‘UN-beauty’.  weee~ But whats most important is, our Shrek Story comes straight  from our heart and this heart, is what hold us together, near and close with each other.  Auch.. JIWANG isnt?  Well, actually all three word means together like, together together.  hahaha… So, dont confuse urself.  

What happen is..

Many people think we are …. Weird.. if thats is the correct word.  We consider dating as meeting.  When we met each other, we brought our ancient laptop anywhere we go, playing fishing or pool games on our olskul phone and silently staring each other face and simply SMILE.  We can do that for the whole damn day! and yes, thats what makes us weird to most of people. Comeon, who actually go for a lame date like that? A perfect date is a date where people having fun together, watching movie together, boyfie surprise and treat his girl to a wonderful and expensive restaurant, sight view the beach if there is any, go to KLCC, belanja shopping handbag, kasut, baju, blause whatnote, give flowers and bla bla bla…  OmaiODD!… So Drama Alike!  and yes, I LOVE THAT too.  But… The truth is, i’ve been through all those things and surprisingly, i dont really feel like HAPPY.  Well, u can do that sometimes.  But, till when? At this level.. i just want to seat somewhere, relax, and talk as loud as i want with him about anything even if its nonsense and not even worth to talk about, but yet he still layan my merepek unconditionally!  And yes, I purposely talk a lots of rubbish things just to see him layan my ragam.  Thats all. We play games together, we watch Karoot Komedia on our lappy together, i snooze myself because i was too tired and refused to end the day, he got flu, and hachim with his red face like a thousands of times and i think its cute!.  

Im not looking for a perfect date, nor a perfect man.  Im looking for a perfect soul, a soul to complete mine.  Thats how our fugly Shrek love story are.