Its been almost a month now, im still here at KL staying with Fazlina n spending time with my dearest heart.  Alhamdulillah, everything goes smooth as planned. One more week, then im an unemployed girl, part time lover and a full time student. Yosh! wish me luck love. I need your hand and smile to keep my spirit at the top! (^_^) 

Dalam seminggu sy bekeje, byk sy da pelajari..! cewah.. kalau lah boleh aku cakap macam tu!  Ahaks.. well, ade la jugak ilmu aku tau selain dari….. itu dan ini.. Ape pon, yg aku kejar adalah pengalaman.  It maybe short, but i learnt a lot of things in here especially bout human behavior, organization culture, organization structure, marketing strategy etc and etc.  I can say that this has been the most weird month in my life. Ahaks.. Weirdly perfect! i can say that, can i? Well, whos care anyway.. haha~ forget bout it.. this month, we have declared ourselves as bankrupt!  BOOhahahahahaha…. yes, its not a typo error… it spelled as B.A.N.K.R.U.P and T…. Fuh… Such a harsh word for myself.  But its true, i still dont get it.. how come a working girl can be the most poor girl in this timeline? hehe.. thats the beauty of it. No one know the answer, maybe we should just enjoy the bad moment ourselves.  Best example is when, we laugh nonstop everyday especially when we were inside the car.. (OKEH, lets pretend that my side mirror is still in good condition and not LONGLAI aka broken last week).  We still ‘laugh‘ and ‘laugh‘ and keep on ‘laughing‘ till now.. even..while im typing this.. ohmy..such a loser# hahaha..  

U KNOW WHAT? The best part in this month is that we found out that we can be an ACTRESS! yes, we are! ^___^ !!!! My friend Fazlina had practice many times since last Monday for the SHOUT award this year. Hahaha.. Everytime we walk towards the car after or before we go to work, she will pretend and says “OMG! Faz!! who did tis??” complete package with the face expression ok! and maybe.. she will just wait for some motor guy to park near to our car and purposely shock him with the accusation such as “Ha, U did this! give me money!!” just like a korean drama in the blackmailing scene hahahaha.. amazingly most of the time i believe that she  can just pretend that any motor guy ‘touch’ our car and suddenly broke the mirror! (well, the idea is if the guy actually touch the other side of the car, this side of the car got scared and BROKE!…) hahaha.. I need to bear with this scene for a week with her… hahahahaha.. crazy isnt? ok then, lets cut the crap.. i just can’t stop laughing looking at her! Gosh, what a drama queen.  The other part of the scene is when i inform my bos that im resigning my job!.. I was sooooo damn nervous to submit my resignation letter. He even asked me to reprint the letter and change the date. Well, fine with me. 🙂 and my friend, she suddenly look at my face with a very tight expression and keep on pretending that shes mad, frustrating or something not knowing that im resigning.  Gosh, shes good!  Hahaha.. i should record that face expression for the future! 🙂

Thanks dear friend, thanks for everything since the past 3 weeks we were roommate again.  I know that ive spent most of my time outside and u spent most of time on ur computer during the day, in impossible way, we can still communicate with each other. Well, most of the time, i do the talking and you do the sleeping.. huhu~ but, yeah.. As long as u were there, i guess.. sleeping or talking, wont make much different to me.  Anyhow, later.. u will have another version of ur life, PLUS this chapters are free from my absence in it, i hope u will live your life happily, and color your life amazingly just like all those sketches u made on the paper, u should sketch your every inch of your life chapters beautifully like that! never give up to decorate your path with the gems and diamond..just like rihanna said “shine bright like a diamond” hehee.. yes, shine ur life with tons of loves and laugh. Pray for you friend. From now on, u r the senior.. Im gonna come to you ask for tips hokeh! make sure u prepare enof tips for me, u know im good at questioning people and demanding the answer too!  😛

so, now… im counting my days.. 6 days more.. wow… my new semester will starts on 4th March 2013.. I need to complete my Nazar and focus on study. This is my last coursework semester.  Got 2 short trip on March and April.. I hope everything goes as plan too. as for my love story, we need to keep it slow and steady. He will understand and support me im sure.. He just too sweet to not understand me, i believe.  Fuh, my life seems perfect as it is now.. It maybe lack of this that and this.. Many people were asking bout this and that and this, I know that we have a very long way to go, and many things to treasure.. but, insyaAllah.. We will go tru it together, little by little, bit by bit, step by step, side by side.  Till then, lets just keep on SMILING while looking at each other face, STARING in each other eyes, EMBRACE each other weaknesses and APPRECIATE every little things bout each other more and more. Always! Question is to Mr. Love, can you promise me that? well, I PROMISE you that. and yes, Im a girl with word, REALLY. You can answer my question on ur page later ok! Looking forward for that! 🙂

A song to cheer u UP UP from far Away, hope u like it. 🙂

: A life cant be define as life, when u refuse to live in it.