Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah Ya Allah.. Hehe.. Akhirnya, setelah 4 bulan menghempaspulaskan diri dengan kelas n bagai2, Finally, exam da abes.. im finally FREE!… yeeeha!!!

Term kedua ni, membuka mata aku bahawa.. Kawan, bukan punca kegagalan. YEP.. sangat betul.. masa aku semester 1, aku tak nak berkawan sb aku takut distraction. Tp, sem kedua ni.. aku da duduk ngan dak2 uma aku, sume adik2 lagi.. gile2 sokmo.. macam2 hal, macam2 ragam, ade yg ngok, ade yg focus, ade yg ngade, ade yg astaga… hahahaha.. sume ade.. (well, exclude myself pls) hahaha.. Tp, finally i realized that… even aku berkawan, aku masih focus.. actually, NO.. i should revise that. Sebab aku berkawan dengan dorang, they keep me on track! yes.. tats better.  They do keep me on track. I was wondering.. I, as sister.. well.~~ im the oldest.. should actually take care of them.. but, at the end of semester.. i know that everything is backward now. They took care of me. They really did.. Well, mgkin dorang tak sedar n tak perasan kot.. tp.. they do take care of me. Glad i found such a gems in my life. Thank You Allah for blessing me n sent me these great angels as my accompanies. I know that im a lazy bum, crazy girl with annoying stupid attitude, but Alhamdulillah.. they manage to understand me,… i guess. Well, maybe 20% of myself at least. hehe.. Thank you girls, u r the most beautiful friend i ever met in my life after several other friends… (currently listing)… hehehe..

N now, im on my next journey.. step by step, taking my life back to the real path.  I think, i got a job.. well.. i got several jobs actually.. But, this is the top one.  Thanks to Fazlina for the intro. the duration might be short, but i guess.. job is a job, no matter how short n impossible the job are. I hope, at the time that i really need the job, Allah will again bless n guide me to find the perfect job for me. InsyaAllah.. So, semester 2 just ended, and my life as a worker is about to start. Its not easy to find a job tho.. Ive tried so many things, i even go walk in to the Weds shop for interview that surprisingly they only offered RM650.00 as basic salary.. I was thinking, 650? in KL? are u sure? nowadays? demn.. they were so blind with their profit.. n ignore their staff charity n needs. huhu.. at the same time, guess what?? My love’s car is now 99% AVAILABLE! hehehe.. tak sabar kan.. aritu tayar gua pancit, die pnjm kete kwn die dtang tengok.. wah.. terharu mak nyah~ ekekekeke.. tp cover2 gak, terharu pon tak le tnjuk sgt, nnt die bangga lak. ekekeke. tak macho la cmni. Im so proud of him, he manage to accomplished his target on the time. n consistently trying to improve himself for our future.  Pray for us yall. 🙂 hehehe.. Ameen…Ameen..Ameen. 🙂

ps : Earth isnt a hard stones covered with grass n water, earth  is a LIFE. U shud explore it, color n decorate it with all the shining gems that u collected during the journey, it will definitely glitter ur path! 🙂