yap!!!! my last 2 days… as a young girl.. hahaha.. younger than after 2 days.. atleast.. gosh~~ hard to accept the existence of year 2013… y… y.. and WHY~ haizyooo~~

No matter how old i will be, i will always cherish the young moments i’ve experienced truout the year.. Wow, time flies dem fast isn’t?.. I’ve started my school, i’ve been separated and reunited, i’ve met my special one, and lost one too.. and now, next level of my life starts with losing my bestfriend.. sobsob~ well.. not really losing them, but they have move on.. they getting married.. yuhu~~ YES.. its tru.. happy for them, yet sad… no more ‘solo’ friend after this.. gonna plan my ‘solo’ trip soon..~ sobsob~ however, im super excited and pray for their happiness forever! 🙂

As for my future plan? well, gonna finish my school on time.. well, it will be… on…. January 2014… yaish.. look at the number~ gosh~ 2014? what am i? grandma??? dem, i feel old already. huhuks! Whatever, don give a dem bout number.. (at present : sad looking but ignoring the expression on my face, no camera pls.. pls~~) hehehe.. ok then, hate the dramatic scene.. move on..~ i got 1 more semester to go.. and then, a practical training for a semester.. it will be 4 months if im not mistaken. after that?? yey!! kawin!!! hahahahaa… (yeke kawin..) gurau je.. im gonna find a real job, plan my trip to.. bla bla bla.. with … bla bla bla.. (TBD). hahahaha..  kawin.. will be on my KIV list. ahaks~ dont be mad mr. Batman, when the time has come. we will be together. insyaAllah. 🙂

So far, that is my plan.. amendment?? of cosh.. from time to time..

A Captured Moment