At last!! fuh~~ 

This year definitely a very special and amazing birthday year for me! yaiyyyy.. suddenly all important people in my life walk into my life and successfully colored my birthday chapter that even i can’t describe! i seriously touched. 🙂 Done with the sweetest celebration with Mr. Love, now its time for Girlfriend Belated Birthday Vacation! Yes, thats rite… im on vacation babeh! hehehe..

Frasers Hill!

Thats rite! its Frasers Hill.. ❤ ❤ ❤
She planned it so well this time i can say.  This surprise vacation has created such a beautiful moments in my life!.. I dont know if i show it enof, but i 200% love the vacation! Not much activity here, but the time that we spent is the most unforgettable  moment in my life. Yes, i said it many times now.. hahaha.. 😀

Im just glad i was there with her. like we always did. Huhu~~ Its weird.. but I couldnt find a word to express my gratitude to her, how i appreciate her effort to plan such vacation. It was short, but that moment i will cherish forever! Thanks.. Thank you so much for being there with me!  Ok, thats all. theres so many things i want to share here.. but, before im out of control of my own fingers and talk nonsense. Let just enjoy the moment together shall we? … (^_^)y

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