I spent almost 1o minutes to think what are the first sentence should i write here! how to begin? what to begin? ohgosh!..
ticktockticktock. im still thinking…! 🙂  ngeeeee…. OK OK OK, how about this..

Yaiictss! im officially 27 years and 1 day old! iyap…! yesterday was my 27th Birthday! :)..

Theres nothing happen yesterday actually, except.. EVERYTHING. hahaha..  Well, sebenonye.. sllunye sambut bestday ngan friends or family.. but kali ni lain sikit sb aku sambut completely dengan Mr. Love. Before ni mmg sambut gak, but its totally different. How different? way Tooooo different! the time, the moments, the feeling and the person is definitely different.  He dont actually have any plan for yesterday, even he do GOOGLED it every single day since last month to get some ideas. But, u know.. when u try to plan something, it usually turn out to something else.. in this case, the more ideas he googled, the less activities he can think of. hahaha.. Weird isnt? I know he was afraid of me not liking it. I can see his effort to make it surprise n whatnote. Personally?, i think  hes cute when he tried so hard to make me happy on my birthday. He didnt know that seeing him trying so hard just to see me smile, have makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world!. i mean, SERIOUSLY! hahahaha.. 🙂

Speaking cam duduk london lak eden ni. ekekeke.. sebenonye.. surprise yg die buat tak lah surprise sb takde ape yg surprise. hehehe.. Just the thing is, semalam adalah hari jadi yg memang eden idamkan setiap tahun. takde conflict, takde gadoh, takde masalah, takde ape yg buat aku pening etc. Segalanya nampak smooth, berjalan dengan lancar. (even dak Fazlina da canceled date kami mlm smlm) but look at the bright side, i have more time to date! hahahaha.. So, bagi aku.. semalam tu sendiri adalah a very surprising day for me.  selalunye aku marah klo plan tak menjadi, tp ..Ahaks.. not yesterday. maybe because he got me under control.. haha.. well done!
Think again, we really had a very regular and simple date yesterday. We talk, we watch movie, he sing, he sang happy birthday song for me.. gosh, forgot to record it.. T_T”….. lame… we enjoy our kopok leko under the stars, beautiful moon and light rain…. hahaha.. even its raining, but it still seems like a perfect birthday to me! Hehe.. 🙂

Time run so fast, both of us felt like we just met in the morning and suddenly need to go back to our own house and end the date. hu~~ we always felt like that in every of our date. hahaha.. so, like it or not.. it is time to say goodnight.. not a goodbye.. later, we cont our date on wc..  🙂

OH YES, he gave me this…

LOVE it so much.. kalau rosak namo marah ek. ehehehe.. awek awak ni ganas!. i never had one of this.. i wouldn’t even dare to buy for myself. hahahaha..  Thanks LOVE! i really love it. 🙂

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– i dont need 5stars restaurant to make me happy, or one GUCCI shit diamond to make me smile.. i just need a simple date with an amazing lover like YOU. Sharangheyo Mr. Batman! 🙂