Lama jugak aku tak update nate blog ni. hahaha.. seb bek dak Inz ingatkan suh update hehehe.. 🙂 Whats new in my life now? well… this term i got lots of new things. Things that i dont actually plan to get involve with but i did.. and im glad that im in every inch of it. 🙂

Well, baru2 ni baru je sambut arijadi gigirls kat rumah sewa. A very simple celebration, but i hope this simple celebration bring and create a long lasting memories for all of us.  i can still remember.. Once, i told myself to not get close to them so that i can concentrate and focus on my own life n studies. I think my life was better without them, i control my own time, my own life, my own business and my own self. I thought it was a perfect move. i avoid them n prefer to be alone (which is very hard for the Real Me). Think again, and i know i was wrong. Actually, the truth is my life become more colorful with them in it. theres a pink, blue, white, red and even black in my life now.. the black one is the part where i hate to share it but yes, it still a color isnt? hehehe.. and yes, It is true that i got distracted, i got lost and i got bla bla bla.. but, this is me.. A real me. I just love distraction and getting lost. hahahaha. so what? its my life so let me live it my way. 🙂

Aku pon tak tau lah either this friendship will last forever or not, but for me.. Friendship is not something that we can easily find. Once i said, this is my best friend. Then, they will be my best friend forever.  Tapi, so far, aku susah nak dapat best friend. hahahaha. They need to really understand me and know me to be my best friend. Problem is, cmne dorang nak kenal aku n tau aku kalau aku bukan aku. hehehe. Anyhow, Im starting to like the girls, i think they crazy n cute. Remind me of the old times.. haha.. miss my nenek so much.. even dekat ngan die, tetap rindu die jugak. hehehe. Love u nek!

A picture to share..