When i think about it, people always believe that we can learn from our  own mistakes. Research study shows that human brain can detect and alert our self about the ‘dejavu’ action and try to avoid repeating the same error/mistakes we’ve made. But i believe, that smart people choose to learn from others mistakes too. They keep their shadow invisible, and open their eyes as sharp as eagle. Smart people observe, analyze, evaluate, re-analyze and conclude the circumstances based on the logical and rational thinking.  However, it is also true that if we made mistakes of our own, we tend to remember n learn more from it in the future.

When people do mistakes and apologies for it, we do not turn them down. We accept and we keep them close to us. Not everyone get the opportunity to see their own mistakes and care to undo or fix the mistakes once discovered.  (even they made it many times and again re-apology). STILL, It takes a big heart from a big man to say sorry for their own misjudgment. When we value relationship more than ego, we accommodate each other and apologies for our mistakes!.  Once, i value ego more than relationship. I rarely say sorry to anyone and force myself to believe that i was right even im not (obviously), which is the most stupidest decision ever in my life. Whats there to lose really? You will not die by saying sorry, and hell yeah.. DONT WORRY, there is no money deduction in your bank account either! Unless if you owe them. HeHeHe~ Basically, emotion is something that we cannot control all the time, well.. most of the time we purposely let it out of control aren’t we?.  We consider emotion as one of the stepping stone from one level to another. Sometimes, we took an advantage from our own emotions. Think that we can manipulate things but end up, we’ve been manipulated by our own emotions. Common error. #sigh

*But be careful, wrongdoing for the first time consider as mistake, second time as careless, and the third time as stupid. We don’t want to be be stupid do we? 😀

Cited from Oscar “Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes“.  Hate to admit that people with experiences is smarter than people with certifications. Nowadays, we were too busy chasing and after new knowledge in order to get the acknowledgement in certain level. Even sometimes, i, myself forgot that the most valuable and priceless knowledge in life, is the life itself.  When Rasullullah S.A.W said “Tuntutlah ilmu sampai ke negeri China” i specifically blocked my mind that he meant bout certifications without even considering that what he really meant maybe that it is life that we really need to study about, not a thick full-text boring books in school.  Maybe im a bit slow in finding this out but it is better late than never isn’t?. There is certain things we need to understand and discover by our self even its has been discovered by billions other people.  If i’ve been called as Lampi or Stupid, then BE it. I rather be Lampi and stupid by knowing bout the theory of life myself instead of knowing nothing but pointing finger to someone’s life!. Buzz it girls.. I value what i have discovered and learnt from the process more than those who learn by reading about it i bet.  My perception changed bit by bit, day  by day, so that i can improve myself and upgrade my own knowledge from ‘in the box’ to ‘outside the box’.  Gosh, Life is too short to be wasted, open your arms and embrace every possible mistakes that we and others made as a guidance in our life. Lets do mistakes together, tons of it! Even a silly one. Mistakes is not something that we need to be afraid of. It is something that we actually need to live with. Denying your own mistakes will not bring you to anywhere.  Do mistakes, regret and learn!

– If i could lengthen my life, i dare to make mistakes and live with it. Who want to join me? 🙂