5th March 2012, im officially started my Campus Life as student.  My first impression bout my campus is HIGH. Not the impression is high, but the campus is HIGH. Dont believe me? check this out..

Yes, this is the view from the College (hostel). Dont ask me how high is the hostel pls.. nge~ Luckily i stay with my dad. 😀

My campus life begin like ABC:-

Life seems sooooo FUN and feel super duper excited!!! Shopping all necessary items, Arranging all the books and stationery.  So motivated everyday dan attend my class early. 😀

After couple of weeks :-

Still motivated. but been cramping my brain with notes and notes and test and assignment and tests~

I dont even have time to surf my facebook or blog…

I seriously need to ask my self many times before posting my new entry. (apparently i did)

Life become busier as the time flew so fast..

CURRENTLY ; My life is no longer mine, i even forgot what is the meaning of life.  😀

I was sooo busy with doing research and notes every hour, minute and second..

The stages of my Campus life can be summarize as below

Its Yummy but risky too.

End of my campus life will be posted after its ended. ^___^

C U again!