I say NO often rather than YES. Y?

Do you realize that being a NO person is actually a hard thing?
But being YES person is not actually an easy one either.
in a bright side, people assume that you are a very capable person if you say yes to everything,
but we always forgot that the darkness is tougher than bright one, they always think that you, as YES person is a weak person.

in Reality, Its not that you cannot say NO, but its actually YOU who wish to satisfy and try so hard to fulfill people’s expectation force you, to be a YES person. Mr. Request always expect your 200% effort which exceed your limit. & the worst part are,  u are fully aware bout it! Keep saying yes equal to agreeing that you can give your 200% commitment to their request. Which end if you are not, YOU, who created your own guilt ghost will haunt you down forever!

Y torture yourself?
Stop pleased other and let yourself suffer! If you dont want to be use while gaining a respect from people, you need to learn how to say NO!

How to say NO?

 BUT relation
◎ Firm ◎ Accurate ◎ Confident
◎ Eye Contact ◎ be a Mr. Sorry’s enemy ◎

When you care way tooooooo much bout what other think, you wont survive. SO, be FIRM! you dont have to yell or shout to show your firmness. JUST RELAX, take a very deep breath and smile. Smiling woman is a Strongest woman you know. 🙂 OK, for eg. Let say if Mr. Request come and ask you to amend ABCE instead of ABCD,  You know its wrong, stand still and  firmly say NO!. U dont need to be rude to say No, Lets learn bout Mr. But relationship status with Mr. No.

Mr. No and Mr. BUT relationship  :-

“OH!, i would love to change it but ….”
“It looks nice, great idea but…”

The relationship status of Mr. BUT! there’s always a No after a BUT.

However, you as a current Mr. Right  need to ensure that all the information is ACCURATE with fact. A funny fact, but Mr. NO is a Dart Board. People always attack you when they couldn’t get what they want. Therefore, you need to be 100% ready and prepare with an accurate FACT!

 FACT ALONE won’t help you,
Together with a Fact, you need to posses a very high CONFIDENT level. The fact is in your hand, there’s no reason to feel afraid. 
Tell them the fact out loud with confident! and REMEMBER!! DO NOT AVOID EYES CONTACT! Let the power of eyes ‘hypnotise‘ Mr. Request desire.

Do not over-Apologies! U r now Mr. Sorry’s Enemy!
Saying sorry to someone is a good attitude, but over-sorry are BAD! Stop being sorry because it is NOT your FAULT.!
When you says sorry toooo many, They will play their Mr. Persuade Role. Do NOT let them do that!

Warning ; Mr.Request is an Ego Maniac! Most of the Time, after saying NO many times they STILL refuse to accept it.  So, do not panic and back to the first Method, be FIRM. Always remember the steps.Do not suddenly agree and say YES to the request. Let your body produce and spread the negative aura and if possible try to end the conversation with a Request! Request something from Mr. Request so that they will divert their request and make u a Mr. Request instead. IF NOT, you can divert the Request to the right person which can help Mr. Request. (got so many request) LMAO.

Practice to say NO now and U will be surprise how NO change your world!
You will gain respect, confident, proud, freedom and become much happier. 🙂