Do you think boys are Jerk, like Forever?
WELL,think again.. This time Think carefully!

A girl dump her boyfriend and yes, Hes a JERK!
A boy dump his girlfriend and yes, He still a JERK!

A girl holding hand with another boy, its Good Friend
A boy holding hand with another girl, its Playboy!

A girl claim her love is for eternity, people nod their head
A boy claim his love is for eternity, people shake their head

A wife ask for divorce, people support her
A husband divorced his wife, he of cosh need to ‘support’ her

What is this? A girl with her right, and a boy with no right? is that right?

If all girls think typically like a girl, and claim all her right which is not even right this world soon will come to the end.
Maybe its not a doom yet, but what do you call when a boy turn his head to a boy  from a girl? GUESS what, its a DOOM’s day..

WTfish? Whos the Jerk now? Hahaha..

Who knowx…