Have you ever been in a situation that force you to YELL and act like a maniac?

Pls tell me you did, or i will figuratively believe im a maniac! (:

If you did, i believe for almost all of us agreed that its the time you will regretted the most in your life.  Well, if not today maybe one day. i hope. 😉

Ok, lets think.. What is it makes you angry? seriously what is bothering you so much that makes you lost your control? is it because of the coffee? or… maybe because of the co..ffee? gosh.. its because of the coffee isnt? WOW, that is so lame.. 😀

Just kid guys, theres some reason that might cause my turn as the Hulk ;-

  • someone calling y0u a bitch,which is u not or u r. whoscare?
  • someone stealing your stuff, which they did & pretend like a complete idiot.
  • someone lie in front of you, which it is damn obvious!
  • the frustration caused by your love one? like, u like daisy but he bought you roses instead? and u were like … ew…… wth? i hate roses, and yes i bet SHE loved it!  HELL DIE! – ok, overacted lmao.
  • pressure of being such a mighty angle? when ur soul is an ancient devil!
  • your heart actively pumping your blood too much that cause a high blood temper? gosh you should avoid suppliment.

No matter what is the cause really are, the result will always makes you feel bad and regret it.  Even IF, i know, and hell you guys should know that i know the fact is, u r not the one to blame. But when it comes to losing temper to people, i mean to the guilty people.  The effect will definitely back to you. Its not a very good aura either, when i said believe me, u should not believe in me! hahaha…. Jus Kidin, u should not take everything so seriously seriously!. Then what should we do to control our mind from being hack by our emotion?? Its easy as 1 2 3 guys! learn from bruno! 🙂

Lesson 1 :

Dont always say what you wanna say. People might think that you are hypocrite, but if saying something nice and makes people smiles is hypocrite, then yes feel honor to be a hypocrito! Does my mom care bout that, no she didnt! so why bother? shooooh LOSER!!

Lesson 2 :

Control your damn tongue! You got a very bad bad bad and notty tongue. U can freely use it for eating or sucking or whateva. But dont use it to curse people when you are angry!. if cannot, pls eat your own tongue! its a bad bad bad tongue!. it deserve that!

Lesson 3 :

Word the fact, and fact the word. You only tell them what is the fact by facting the word. Do not over express it, do not over saying it. Just tell them the bloody fact and keep your tongue safe!

Lesson 4 :

Look yourself in the mirror before you let them look at your devil face!. You are definitely not gonna be BEAUTIFUL when you angry like the Koreans says! they are JERK! they lied.!! Americans tells better guys. watchout.

Last Lesson :

WRITE! you dont have to be a barbarian people doing all the vandalism to your own stuff or ur enemy stuff or even worst public stuff to show you are angry! use you brain and move your damn fingers to write in your diary! When you write all the emotion, u feel less burden. The eternity anger has been transferred to the damn piece of paper or internet. But dont be stupid by letting it to public such as Social page like i did now or FB or etc. U r smarter than that. comeon! Write it privately and let it hold your anger. Once you cooling down, read it again. and Surprisingly, U will feel much better knowing you did the right thing. 

If you manage to feel what others will feels before they feel it, your life will be much sweeter and better! GOOD LUCK.