I always know, i’ve been a BITCH almost all the time…

But I also believe that a true friend will stay by my side and understand my dark side..

i believe u’ve seen my Psycho Moments..

my Most lazy times…

dont forget er.. my Naughty times (:

I might ignore and make u confuse all day~

without saying anything, or even do anything.. in my bad day~

yes! this is me being barbarian..

We often put our mask on!

U with ur little stupid hat..

and me, getting ready with my Bitchy ribbon..

U might hide..

while im resting alone.. not even try to find you.. hahahaha..

If u can, u will definitely kill me in my sleep!

or even kill yourself… 😀

Which makes me laugh non stop!..

Through this all moments, a friend is still a friend.. a friend

Is someone sticks by your side through your worst times!

and always lend u their ears… er..

cute cat

Can U? lend me.. ear? er…

OK, this is fine too.. >:)

only THEN, they’re  the ones that deserve to be with you through your best times! (:

I met couple of friend in this world, to that friend..

just wanted you to know that

Cat Scraps

and i     u